We build positive relationship through outstanding service with each interaction.Our relationships with our customers and partners are two of the foundations of our business and a key indicator of our success as an organization and we believe that talented and dedicated employees are the key to our success. Achieving a balance between financial outcomes and company-employee values is challenging. Maintaining desirable company values, while trying to run a financially efficient business, involves developing a culture that promotes relationship values, as well as business values.

Trust and Respect

We uphold the highest ethical standards and promote trust and respect.We at IGL, incorporate trust in every aspect of our business including our products, services, processes and relationships with employees, customers and business partners alike. We approach our work and treat each other in an honest ethical, professional and respectful manner.

Positive and Passionate for Challenges

We have the courage to rise above challenges to work as the leading gas company in Sri Lanka against the multinational competitor. We approach our work with an attitude of “Positive and passionate for challenges” in all we do and how we go about getting it done. Imagine, what is possible. Foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress.


People in the workplace are considered to be the most valuable resource. Safety and health is valued along with productivity and quality.

Society and Environment

We have genuine concern for all living beings and the environment. We approach business and personal endeavours respectfully and with a helping hand.