Recovering of Industrial Emissions

Renewable Fuel


Lanka Carboincs (Pvt) Ltd., a subsidiary of Industrial Gases, recently pioneered developing green manufacturing Carbon Dioxide. The Company commenced operations with a carbon dioxide recovery plant near the Sevanagala Sugar Factory where the gas is released as a by-product. Having created carbon credits for Sevenagala Sugar and taken the initiative towards creating an environmentally sustainable business, the venture also contributes towards reducing imports and thereby preserves foreign exchange for the country. Production of 1000kg of ethanol generates approximately 950kg of CO2. Value added products produced by the Carbon Dioxide by Product releases from Sevanagala Sugar Factory includes:

  • Purified Carbon Dioxide Gas
  • Purified Liquid Carbon Dioxide
  • Food Grade Carbon Dioxide
  • Dry Ice

Our new liquid CO2 plant is fully automated and consists of latest technology of gas purification & liquefaction to ensure the product quality.

  • Based on a modern distillery operating 300 days in a year at Sewanagala Sugar Company
  • High quality Liquid CO2 recovery plant of 8,000 kg/day based on latest ISBT Standards
  • Food grade Liquid CO2 of purity more than 99.99% and moisture content < 10ppm, Oxygen content <10ppm