PR Release 01 – Industrial Gases (Pvt) Ltd


Gas World (Pvt) Ltd – Setting Global Standards in the Sri Lankan Gas Industry


Almost everyone has had to face surgery at one time or another, when oxyen is given as a part of the procedure. People worry about blood transfusions but how many would consider the quality of oxygen given during surgery

According to Gas World (Pvt) Ltd, an associate company of Industrial Gases (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka’s 1st globally certified provider of oxygen and nitrogen, the quality of oxygen given for surgical and medical procedures is of uttermost importance.

Industrial Gases the parent company of Gas World, is a totally Sri Lankan owned and managed company, specializing in oxygen and nitrogen solutions for industrial and medical purposes over twenty five years. Since the market for medical gas growing in 2012, the Company has strategically invested on new capacity by installation of a dedicated state of the cryogenic medical oxygen and nitrogen manufacturing plant.

As the first and the only gas company to be “Good Manufacturing Practices” certified in Sri Lanka, the Company adheres to World Health Organization recommended GMP guidelines with US, BP or European Pharmacopeia standards that are monitored by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA), Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. “ Achieving the highest possible standards is a priority for us not just as a company but also for the growth of the industry” says Sumith Guruge, Chairman of Industrial Gases, the parent company of Gas World,“ Having operated in an industry without specific, globally recognized parameters of quality being established, we have had to virtually develop the standards in benchmarking Messer Industries, in Germany our partner in Regulators and Equipment, which we are proud to have pioneered.” (Annexed-1 is a document to understand the extent of our Quality test Standards.)

Industrial Gases has one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka for the production of liquid oxygen. “ State-of-the-art technology that combines with global best practices is the combination that is operational at Industrial Gases. The process may seem simple enough but it is liquid oxygen in its purest form, specifically required for numerous surgical and medical needs. “ Guruge adds.

Industrial Gases also has one of the biggest storage capacity of Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, which can supply for a Month of our clients. Also we have standby Air Separation plant and as a back up stand by another plant, large enough to supply to the all the hospitals in the country. The Company provides bulk medical liquid oxygen to over 10 leading hospitals in Sri Lanka and is focused on maintaining standards as industry parameters.

Commenting on the gas sector in Sri Lanka, Dr Parakrama Herath, Director Compliance of Gas World, whose expertise is recognized as an authoritative opinion on the subject in the industry, says that we have in place international guidelines to comply with global standards.

Dr Parakrama is credited with developing benchmarking standards for the Sri Lankan gas sector and has over 25 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

“ As the business potential for Sri Lanka grows as an economic hub, there will be a greater demand for our services and expansion. This is why from day one, we have focused on building capacity and putting in place mechanisms and systems that deliver world class gas solutions to our customers.” Adds Dr Parakrama.

Industrial Gases has another subsidery company named Lanka Carboincs (Pvt) Ltd., also the pioneers in developing green manufacturing Carbon Dioxide. The Company has commenced operations on a carbon dioxide recovery plant near the Sevanagala Sugar Factory where the gas is released as a by-product. Having created carbon credits for Sevenagala Sugar and taken the initiative towards creating an environmentally sustainable business, the venture also contributes towards reducing imports and thereby preserves foreign exchange for the country. Unlike burning fossils fuel to make Carbon Dioxide by other companies, where it gives a poor quality product need much more cleaning while harming the environment.

Sumith Guruge and Dr Parakarama stress on sustainability as a factor that drives the Company ; “sustainable practices are important for the gas industry – instead of burning more fuel, we should be looking at preserving the environment with renewable systems.”

Innovation has also been a key strategy for Industrial Gases that commenced operations under Sumith Guruge when he purchased the company in 2006. “ We see potential and growth for the sector and we believe that it must be managed with world class inputs” he says in conclusion.