“Work is a theatre and every business a stage…”


Mr. S.C.G. Guruge


The aim of corporate governance of IGPL is to build a culture of integrity and ethical behavior in every sphere of the industry we do business with. Our values and principles provide fundamental guidance for our actions and govern the relationship with our employees, customers and communities. Our commitment to 100 percent compliance with laws and regulations is backed by the following:

A four member Director Board, Committees that focus on Audit, Nominations and Governance, Compensation and Executive Development, Executive, Finance and Public Issues Review that overlooks the company’s corporate responsibility issues. The committees include independent directors while some are governed by totally independent members.

We actively support public policy that leads to clean energy technologies. Along with profitability and operational excellence, corporate responsibility is an essential priority at IGPL; All employees are covered by a special welfare scheme comprising of Medical Insurance schemes for our workers, staff and their families, including the provision of school books to the children of employees and other welfare activities.

With our expansion project underway, we are looking at reaching four times the existing profit level, which could easily be achieved with a fairly reasonable market capture. Our present growth rate indicates a gain on our competing giant who were at one time the monopoly in the country. This is mainly due to our competitive pricing structure and personalized service made possible by the lower fixed overhead expenditure and committed employees in comparison to our competitors and also due to our venturing out into new products such as: Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Dry Ice and other Gases required by the ever expanding industrial needs.

Chairman, Mr. S.C.G. Guruge