Gas World (Pvt) Ltd
Total Medical Gas Provider
An Associated Company of Industrial Gases (Pvt) Ltd
Air Seperation Unit Plant
Industrial Gases (Pvt) Ltd

Manufacturing Products

  • Medical & Industrial Oxygen (Gaseous/ Liquid)
  • Industrial & High Purity Nitrogen (Gaseous/ Liquid)
  • Medical & Industrial Compressed Air
  • Dissolved Acetylene
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide
  • Dry Ice Blocks & Pellets - we manufacture and sell Dry Ice in Sri Lanka
  • Argosheild

Trading Products

  • Industrial & High Purity Argon
  • Medical Nitrous Oxide (Liquid)
  • Balloon Gas
  • Helium & High Purity Helium

Sole Agent for Cutting & Welding Equipment from Messer Germany , Weldro Malaysia & Watana Thailand (US Brand , NCR Brand).