1. Self Cleaning Air Filter

Is used for filtering the dust particles from the atmosphere with self cleaning option.

2. Air Compressor

This three stage compressor sucks around 7000 m3/hr of Atmospheric air and compress up to 9.5 bar pressure.

3. Pre Cooling System It will cool down the compressed air, which comes from after-cooler of air compressor, to lower temperature of 400C, and removes most parts of moisture contained in compressed air.


DCAC (Direct Contact Air Cooler) washes the compressed air and remove’s dust and water soluble impurities in the Compressed Air.

5 & 6 . Purifying System with Adsorption Towers

Compressed air goes to the water separator first, to dispose dissociated water. Afterwards, it goes into the regenerative adsorption vessel which contains activated alumina and 13X molecular sieve for removal any remaining moisture, Carbon Dioxide, Acetylene and other hydrocarbons. During adsorption, the temperature will go slightly high. After purification, the purified air will be passed into the fractionation column.

7. Turbine Cooler Skid This unit has two expansion turbines which cool down the compressed air down to Liquefying Temperatures (~ 1800C) by expansion mechanism.

8. Fractionation

column Fractionation column has two columns called Upper column & Lower column which fractionate Liquid air in to Liquid Oxygen & Liquid Nitrogen. Upper column gives Liquid Oxygen with purity of min. 99.5 % & Lower column gives Liquid Nitrogen with min. purity of 5 ppm of Oxygen. Liquefied gases will be sent to separate tanks for cylinder filling and Liquid Bowser for distribution, with quality assuring procedures.


Process/ Description of Liquid Oxygen Plant