• Our medical Oxygen in the form of Liquid is manufactured in Sri Lanka according to International United States Pharmacopeia standards following WHO recommended Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Medical Oxygen is produced by Cryogenic Air Separation plant with Liquefying fractionation process is the best process available in the world.
  • Product is in superior purity & quality and in par with any International Standard.
  • Purity is monitored through an on-line analyzer.
  • All medical gases are tested in our in-house, fully equipped laboratory as well as International Accredited Labs ; Atlantic American Laboratory.
  • First Gas Manufacturer to obtain World Health Organization recommended “Good Manufacturing Practices” Certificate by National Medicines Regulatory Authority, Ministry of Health.


  • Liquid Oxygen with high Purity ≥ 99.5% O2
  • Liquid Nitrogen with High purity & Purity ≤ 5PPm O2


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