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Since its formation in 1992, Industrial Gases Private Limited has been an innovative and efficient provider of solutions to industry, offering the highest quality industrial, medical and specialty gases, welding consumables & accessories ranging from high pressure gas regulators, to industrial welding equipment and accessories. The main features that have attributed towards our success are that we maintain stringent standards in the manufacture of gases and source the highest quality products from eminent manufacturers & suppliers worldwide, supported by an efficient marketing team and quality control system that maintains standards at all times. Commitment to customers has further helped us to maintain a strong market presence and find a strong foothold in the industry.

From 1997 to 2007, Messer Griesheim GmbH, of Frankfurt-Germany, set up the high safety standards which is strictly adhered to under a technological collaboration agreement entered into with Mr. Sumith Guruge, the local partner who is the controlling shareholder of the company.

It was after this acquisition that the company began its production of liquid CO2 and Dry Ice and Dry Ice Blast Cleaning which was started for the first time in Sri Lanka. In addition, Installation of a new larger Air Seperation Plant to produce high purity Oxygen and Nitrogen in liquid form was carried out and as a result, we are a total solution provider to the industry.

Mr. Guruge, by virtue of his background of thirty years in the service industry, strives constantly to offer first class sales support and flexible designs that suit the needs of customers’ requirements, resulting in the company being recognized as one of the most influential and dynamic suppliers of industrial gases, welding consumables & accessories to the country.

Today, Messer Cutting & Welding equipment supplied by Messer Germany and other products from the world’s leading suppliers are on par with other major suppliers. Throughout its history, IGPL has continued to excel in providing a variety of Gases to the industry specifically tailored according to our customers’ requirements and meet these needs with cost effective and reliable solutions, whether the quantity is small or large.

We are one of the leading Industrial gas and Industrial gas equipment distributors and repairers in the industry today, supplying the widest range of premium quality, industrial gas equipment and scientific gas equipment including – Special Gas Regulators – Brass Chrome plated and Stainless Steel Regulators with Metal Diaphram.

Our wide range of industrial, medical and specialty gases, equipment and welding equipment are also exported to the Maldives, which defines our daring entrepreneurship in venturing out into new vistas and novel products of quality.

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